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Dasein {n}Neutrum (das) being
seiend being
sein being
Sein {n}Neutrum (das) being
Wesen {n}Neutrum (das) being
Leben {n}Neutrum (das) (das Sein) being
abliegend being far off
anfeindend being hostile to
aufliegend being laid out
aufpassend being attentive
auskennend being well versed
beruhend being based on
dahintersteckend being behind it
eheliche Treue {f}Femininum (die) being faithful to one's husband or wife
eignend being qualified for
entgegenstehend being opposed to
entstammend being descended from
ertrinkend being drowned
fehlend being absent
freistehend being vacant
freuend being glad
geduldend being patient
gegenüberliegend being opposite
Geiselhaft {f}Femininum (die) being held hostage
geizend being stingy
geltend being valid

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He had entertained hopes of being admitted to a sight of the young ladies, of whose beauty he had heard much; but he saw only the father.
Lady Lucas quieted her fears a little by starting the idea of his being gone to London only to get a large party for the ball; and a report soon followed that Mr. Bingley was to bring twelve ladies and seven gentlemen with him to the assembly.
The gentlemen pronounced him to be a fine figure of a man, the ladies declared he was much handsomer than Mr. Bingley, and he was looked at with great admiration for about half the evening, till his manners gave a disgust which turned the tide of his popularity; for he was discovered to be proud; to be above his company, and above being pleased; and not all his large estate in Derbyshire could then save him from having a most forbidding, disagreeable countenance, and being unworthy to be compared with his friend.
Mr. Darcy danced only once with Mrs. Hurst and once with Miss Bingley, declined being introduced to any other lady, and spent the rest of the evening in walking about the room, speaking occasionally to one of his own party.
I never heard you speak ill of a human being in your life.”
Bingley was sure of being liked wherever he appeared, Darcy was continually giving offense.
It had given him a disgust to his business, and to his residence in a small market town; and, in quitting them both, he had removed with his family to a house about a mile from Meryton, denominated from that period Lucas Lodge, where he could think with pleasure of his own importance, and, unshackled by business, occupy himself solely in being civil to all the world.
“Aye—because she asked him at last how he liked Netherfield, and he could not help answering her; but she said he seemed quite angry at being spoke to.”
A person may be proud without being vain.
Miss Bennet’s pleasing manners grew on the goodwill of Mrs. Hurst and Miss Bingley; and though the mother was found to be intolerable, and the younger sisters not worth speaking to, a wish of being better acquainted with them was expressed towards the two eldest.

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