Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: beneficially

nützlich {adv.}
wohltuend {adv.}
vorteilhaft {adv.}
günstig {adv.} (vorteilhaft)


The reader will remember the great epidemic of croup which ravaged the river districts of the Seine in Paris thirty-five years ago, and of which science took advantage to make experiments on a grand scale as to the efficacy of inhalations of alum, so beneficially replaced at the present day by the external tincture of iodine.
Aware of the impossibility of defending the use of punishment for restraining irreligious opinions, by any argument which will not justify Marcus Antoninus, the enemies of religious freedom, when hard pressed, occasionally accept this consequence, and say, with Dr. Johnson, that the persecutors of Christianity were in the right; that persecution is an ordeal through which truth ought to pass, and always passes successfully, legal penalties being, in the end, powerless against truth, though sometimes beneficially effective against mischievous errors.

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Deutsch Englisch
nützlich {adv.} beneficially
wohltuend {adv.} beneficially
vorteilhaft {adv.} beneficially
günstig {adv.} (vorteilhaft) beneficially