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Totenbahre {f}Femininum (die) bier
Bahre {f}Femininum (die) (für Tote) bier


Here was a poor girl putting aside the terrors which she naturally had of death to go watch alone by the bier of the mistress whom she loved, so that the poor clay might not be lonely till laid to eternal rest....
Let the bier with promptness Fully be fashioned, when forth we shall come, And lift we our lord, then, where long he shall tarry, 50 Well-beloved warrior, ’neath the Wielder’s protection.”
The coffin lay on its bier before the chancel, four tall yellow candles at its corners.
They halted by the bier and the priest began to read out of his book with a fluent croak.
They could invent a handsome bier with a kind of panel sliding, let it down that way.
Under the sandwichbell lay on a bier of bread one last, one lonely, last sardine of summer.
A lofty bier the breathless warrior bears: Around, his sad companions melt in tears.
Gloomy he said, and (horrible to view) Before the bier the bleeding Hector threw, Prone on the dust.
The bearers went on for twenty paces, then stopped, putting the bier down on the ground.
And the bier was lifted once more, and they proceeded.

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