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Blöcke {pl}Plural (die) blocks
Straßenblöcke {pl}Plural (die) blocks
Strassenblöcke {pl}Plural (die) [schweiz. Orthogr.] blocks
Blöcke {pl}Plural (die) (Straßenblöcke) blocks
Blocks {pl}Plural (die) (Gebäude, z. B. Wohnblocks) blocks
Blocks {pl}Plural (die) (Gebäudekomplexe, z. B. Häuserblocks) blocks
Blöcke {pl}Plural (die) [elektr.] (Klemmenblöcke) blocks
Blöcke {pl}Plural (die) [geol.] (Fels-, Steinblöcke) blocks
Blöcke {pl}Plural (die) [bes. pol.] (Bündnis-, Machtblöcke) blocks
Blöcke {pl}Plural (die) (Klötze) blocks
Blöcke {pl}Plural (die) (zum Zeichnen und Malen) blocks
Blöcke {pl}Plural (die) [bes. bautech.] (Steinquader) blocks
Blöcke {pl}Plural (die) [Sport] (Startblöcke) (starting) blocks
Blöcke {pl}Plural (die) [tech.] (Buchblöcke) blocks
Blöcke {pl}Plural (die) [naut.] (Seilgehäuse mit Rollen; Bestandteile von Taljen) blocks
Blöcke {pl}Plural (die) [tech.] (Elemente einer Blockkette) blocks
Blöcke {pl}Plural (die) [Eisenbahn] (Streckenblöcke) blocks
Blöcke {pl}Plural (die) [math.] (Teile einer Blockmatrix) blocks
Blöcke {pl}Plural (die) [Informatik, EDV] (Anweisungsblöcke) blocks
Blöcke {pl}Plural (die) [EDV] (Datenblöcke) blocks
Blöcke {pl}Plural (die) (bei der Verschlüsselung: chiffriertechnische Einheit) blocks
Blockflur {f}Femininum (die) [-special_topic_hist.-] blocks of land [-special_topic_hist.-]
Häuserblöcke {pl}Plural (die) blocks of houses
Wohnblöcke {pl}Plural (die) blocks of flats
Marmorblöcke {pl}Plural (die) blocks of marble


Serravalle is a castle between Pescia and Pistoia, situated on a hill which blocks the Val di Nievole, not in the exact pass, but about a bowshot beyond; the pass itself is in places narrow and steep, whilst in general it ascends gently, but is still narrow, especially at the summit where the waters divide, so that twenty men side by side could hold it.
Those thews ran not through base blocks of land wood, but deftly travelled over sheaves of sea-ivory.
In the first place, the enormous cutting tackles, among other ponderous things comprising a cluster of blocks generally painted green, and which no single man can possibly lift—this vast bunch of grapes was swayed up to the main-top and firmly lashed to the lower mast-head, the strongest point anywhere above a ship’s deck.
They look much like blocks of Berkshire marble.
They mostly lie like the great knobbed blocks on a Gothic spire, forming solid courses of heavy masonry.
Between these rival ends ran parallel lines of side-dishes: two little minsters of jelly, red and yellow; a shallow dish full of blocks of blancmange and red jam, a large green leaf-shaped dish with a stalk-shaped handle, on which lay bunches of purple raisins and peeled almonds, a companion dish on which lay a solid rectangle of Smyrna figs, a dish of custard topped with grated nutmeg, a small bowl full of chocolates and sweets wrapped in gold and silver papers and a glass vase in which stood some tall celery stalks.
I have said this was the worst thing possible for me, for helpless as she looked in this situation, with the canvas cracking like cannon and the blocks trundling and banging on the deck, she still continued to run away from me, not only with the speed of the current, but by the whole amount of her leeway, which was naturally great.
Through the crevices in the planks he caught a view of unhewn slabs and blocks of stone roughly cemented together, which passers-by might still have seen there ten years ago.
The dormer window permitted the entrance of a ray of moonlight between two blocks of shadow.
One of these blocks of shadow entirely covered the wall against which Marius was leaning, so that he disappeared within it.

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