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Bolzen {pl}Plural (die) bolts
Schrauben {pl}Plural (die) bolts
Ballen {pl}Plural (die) (Stoffballen) bolts
Stoffballen {pl}Plural (die) bolts of cloth


[She bolts the door of HELMER'S room.
Then there was the sound of rattling chains and the clanking of massive bolts drawn back.
I found I could pull back the bolts easily enough and unhook the great chains; but the door was locked, and the key was gone!
With one sweep of his powerful arm, the Count threw the door shut, and the great bolts clanged and echoed through the hall as they shot back into their places.
Not only were the old sails being mended, but new sails were coming on board, and bolts of canvas, and coils of rigging; in short, everything betokened that the ship’s preparations were hurrying to a close.
He bolts down all events, all creeds, and beliefs, and persuasions, all hard things visible and invisible, never mind how knobby; as an ostrich of potent digestion gobbles down bullets and gun flints.
And though now nailed amidst all the rustiness of iron bolts and the verdigris of copper spikes, yet, untouchable and immaculate to any foulness, it still preserved its Quito glow.
(A dark horse, riderless, bolts like a phantom past the winningpost, his mane moonfoaming, his eyeballs stars.
The windows yielded easily—their bolts were old.
Next, bolts for the doors of the new building were wanted and had to be of a special shape the prince had himself designed, and a leather case had to be ordered to keep the “will” in.

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