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Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: bothered

Deutsch Englisch
behelligte bothered
belästigte bothered
geplagt bothered


I wonder masel’ who’d be bothered tellin’ lies to them—even the newspapers, which is full of fool-talk.”
But I couldn’t make out how he was willing to go into this thing; so I just let it go, and never bothered no more about it.
Tom was a good deal bothered about what to do for a spoon, but he said we’d got to have it; so he took a think.
and she looked huffy and bothered both.
But he never bothered the poor.
To the door of the bar and diningroom came bald Pat, came bothered Pat, came Pat, waiter of Ormond.
Bald Pat, bothered waiter, waited for drink orders.
Bald Pat who is bothered mitred the napkins.
(Bald Pat, bothered beetle, stands on the curbstone, folding his napkin, waiting to wait.)
Marley’s Ghost bothered him exceedingly.

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