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Spenden {pl}Plural (die)


Why did Britain between the years 1750 and 1788 pay to her whalemen in bounties upwards of £1,000,000?
By love to thee his bounties I repaid, And early wisdom to thy soul convey'd: [pg 174] Great as thou art, my lessons made thee brave: A child I took thee, but a hero gave.
You stupify them with stripes, and think it necessary to keep them in a state of ignorance; and yet you assert that they are incapable of learning; that their minds are such a barren soil or moor, that culture would be lost on them; and that they come from a climate, where nature, though prodigal of her bounties in a degree unknown to yourselves, has left man alone scant and unfinished, and incapable of enjoying the treasures she has poured out for him!
Since I had my office I have kept you next my heart; have not alone Employ'd you where high profits might come home, But par'd my present havings to bestow My bounties upon you.
Hail to thee, worthy Timon, and to all That of his bounties taste!
For mine own part, I never tasted Timon in my life, Nor came any of his bounties over me To mark me for his friend; yet I protest, For his right noble mind, illustrious virtue, And honourable carriage, Had his necessity made use of me, I would have put my wealth into donation, And the best half should have return'd to him, So much I love his heart.
First, all you peers of Greece, go to my tent; There in the full convive we; afterwards, As Hector's leisure and your bounties shall Concur together, severally entreat him.
With France and with Britain we are rivals in the fisheries, and can supply their markets cheaper than they can themselves, notwithstanding any efforts to prevent it by bounties on their own or duties on foreign fish.
In order to furnish the quotas required of them, they outbid each other till bounties grew to an enormous and insupportable size.

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Spenden {pl} bounties