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Klammern {pl}Plural (die) [typogr.] (oft eckig; auch rund, geschweift oder spitz [Satzzeichen]) brackets
Klammern {pl}Plural (die) [math.] (bei Rechenoperationen; zur Bezeichnung von Argumenten einer Funktion etc.) brackets
Klammern {pl}Plural (die) [dent.-tech.] (Überwurfklammer) brackets
Klammern {pl}Plural (die) [tech.] (Befestigungs-, Halteklammern) brackets
Brackets {pl}Plural (die) [dent.-tech.] (Befestigungselemente bei festsitzenden Apparaturen) brackets
Klammern {pl}Plural (die) [dent.-tech.] (Brackets [Befestigungselemente bei festsitzenden Apparaturen]) brackets
Klammern {pl}Plural (die) [chem.] (bei Summen- oder Verhältnisformeln) brackets
Klammern {pl}Plural (die) [Informatik] brackets
eckige Klammern {pl}Plural (die) [musik.] (in der Notation) brackets
Klammern {pl}Plural (die) [musik.] (eckig [in der Notation]) brackets
Bügel {pl}Plural (die) [tech.] (längliche Befestigungsteile) brackets


For margin references to quotes, I have included them in the text, in brackets immediately next to the quotation.
Where Hobbes included references in the main text, I have left them as he put them, except to change his square brackets to round.
Blocks resembling headsman’s blocks, dislocated chains, pieces of woodwork with brackets having the form of gibbets, horizontal wheels projecting from the rubbish, amalgamated with this edifice of anarchy the sombre figure of the old tortures endured by the people.
The open [Exit brackets use in the book have been closed [by mh].
In the 1759 editions, in place of the long passage in brackets from here to page 215, there was only the following: "'Sir,' said the Perigordian Abbé to him, 'have you noticed that young person who has so roguish a face and so fine a figure?
Original footnotes are put in brackets [ ] at the points where they are cited in the text.
These brackets are here omitted, as they interfere with the comfort of the reader; and so have some of the alternative renderings suggested by the translator.
Numbers in brackets refer to the Teubner text of Stich, but the divisions of the text are left unaltered.
36 (return) [ The lines which I have enclosed in brackets are evidently an afterthought—added probably by the writer herself—for they evince the same instinctively greater interest in anything that may concern a woman, which is so noticeable throughout the poem.
81 (return) [ This line is enclosed in brackets in the received text, and is omitted (with note) by Messrs. Butcher & Lang.

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