Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: brutal

rabiat (rücksichtslos, gewalttätig)
grob [fig., pej.] (brutal)
tierisch [pej.] (brutal)


In truth, well nigh the whole of this passage being attended by very prosperous breezes, the Town-Ho had all but certainly arrived in perfect safety at her port without the occurrence of the least fatality, had it not been for the brutal overbearing of Radney, the mate, a Vineyarder, and the bitterly provoked vengeance of Steelkilt, a Lakeman and desperado from Buffalo.
Most brutal thing.
To hell with the bloody brutal Sassenachs and their patois.
These common rough people, with their coarse faces and brutal gestures, become quite different when she is on the stage.
Callous, concentrated on evil, with stained mind, and soul hungry for rebellion, Dorian Gray hastened on, quickening his step as he went, but as he darted aside into a dim archway, that had served him often as a short cut to the ill-famed place where he was going, he felt himself suddenly seized from behind, and before he had time to defend himself, he was thrust back against the wall, with a brutal hand round his throat.
He was about to stoop over her hand and kiss it, but with a rapid, almost brutal movement of her head, she intercepted his lips and met them with her own.
I saw him through the window, seizing his horse’s mane, and mounting in his blundering brutal manner, and sidling and backing away.
I looked at those hands, I looked at those eyes, I looked at that flowing hair; and I compared them with other hands, other eyes, other hair, that I knew of, and with what those might be after twenty years of a brutal husband and a stormy life.
The two brutal casts, always inseparable in my mind from the official proceedings, seemed to be congestively considering whether they didn’t smell fire at the present moment.
To put it with brutal frankness, there never was a cockier boy.

Weitere Wörter

Deutsch Englisch
brutal brute
brutal harsh
brutal tough
brutal savage
brutal thuggish
brutal violent
rücksichtslos (brutal) wanton
brutal behandeln to brutalize
brutal behandeln to brutalise [Br.]
brutal behandelt brutalized