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knospend budding
Ballettratte {f}Femininum (die) [ugs.] (Nachwuchsballerina) budding young ballerina
Okuliermesser {n}Neutrum (das) budding knife
junge Nachwuchsballerina {f}Femininum (die) budding young ballerina
Knospenstadium {n}Neutrum (das) [bot.] budding stage
Ballettratten {pl}Plural (die) [ugs.] (Nachwuchsballerinen) budding young ballerinas
Die ersten Sünden sind die schönsten (ein französischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1977) Budding Love
angehende Schönheit {f}Femininum (die) budding beauty
Grün ist die Hoffnung [lit.] Budding Prospects [lit.] (T. C. Boyle)


"I continued to wind among the paths of the wood, until I came to its boundary, which was skirted by a deep and rapid river, into which many of the trees bent their branches, now budding with the fresh spring.
If you can imagine a toadstool in joints, an interminable string of toadstools, budding and sprouting in endless convolutions—why, that is something like it.
This took dim shape, presently—it was budding homesickness.
and a quiverful of compliant smiles for this or that halfwon housewife reckoning it out upon her fingertips or for a budding virgin, shyly acknowledging (but the heart?
And later on at a propitious opportunity he purposed (Bloom did), without anyway prying into his private affairs on the fools step in where angels principle, advising him to sever his connection with a certain budding practitioner who, he noticed, was prone to disparage and even to a slight extent with some hilarious pretext when not present, deprecate him, or whatever you like to call it which in Bloom’s humble opinion threw a nasty sidelight on that side of a person’s character, no pun intended.
Undoing her dress above, she uncovered the charming budding beauties of Lizzie's bubbles, and began sucking the nipples.
The niece was a charming girl, just budding into womanhood.
Often in your sleep with your lovely naked charms exposed to me, and pressed against my own lascivious person, have I enjoyed you, and even made use of your own hand all unconscious in sleep, to excite me to a still greater pitch; last night I had enjoyed you to the utmost, kissing your lovely budding and hidden charms, and must have unconsciously dropped off to sleep with my hand still pressing yours against my secret charm.
I stopped and gave her cunt, all oozing with her own and my spunk, a warm kiss, and with a lick or two on her budding clitoris, I fired her even to greater excess than she had yet been in. "
I canted her petticoats well over her back, and first kissing and handling her hard and plump buttocks, which promised a future perfection, I stooped and again licked her charming pouting cunt with all its budding fair young curls.

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