Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: cables

Kabel {pl}Plural (die) (Energie-, Informationskabel)
Tauwerk {n}Neutrum (das) [naut.]
Kabel {pl}Plural (die) [tech.] (Drahtseile, Züge)
Wellen {pl}Plural (die) [tech.] (als Kabel)


However, Starbuck, who had the ordering of affairs, hung on to it to the last; hung on to it so resolutely, indeed, that when at length the ship would have been capsized, if still persisting in locking arms with the body; then, when the command was given to break clear from it, such was the immovable strain upon the timber-heads to which the fluke-chains and cables were fastened, that it was impossible to cast them off.
Instantly the captain ran forward, and in a loud voice commanded his crew to desist from hoisting the cutting-tackles, and at once cast loose the cables and chains confining the whales to the ship.
Not to tell over again his furlongs from spiracle to tail, and the yards he measures about the waist; only think of the gigantic involutions of his intestines, where they lie in him like great cables and hawsers coiled away in the subterranean orlop-deck of a line-of-battle-ship.
9 Powder and Arms HE Hispaniola lay some way out, and we went under the figureheads and round the sterns of many other ships, and their cables sometimes grated underneath our keel, and sometimes swung above us.
We shewed lights from the gun-whale to the main topmast-head; and all our lieutenants were employed amongst the fleet to tell the ships not to wait for their captains, but to put the sails to the yards, slip their cables and follow us; and in this confusion of making ready for fighting we set out for sea in the dark after the French fleet.
I have professed me thy friend, and I confess me knit to thy deserving with cables of perdurable toughness; I could never better stead thee than now.
I therefore let go the cord, and leaving the looks fixed to the ships, I resolutely cut with my knife the cables that fastened the anchors, receiving about two hundred shots in my face and hands; then I took up the knotted end of the cables, to which my hooks were tied, and with great ease drew fifty of the enemy’s largest men of war after me.
By noon the sea went very high indeed, and our ship rode forecastle in, shipped several seas, and we thought once or twice our anchor had come home; upon which our master ordered out the sheet-anchor, so that we rode with two anchors ahead, and the cables veered out to the bitter end.
Cutting the great cable into pieces, such as I could move, I got two cables and a hawser on shore, with all the ironwork I could get; and having cut down the spritsail-yard, and the mizzen-yard, and everything I could, to make a large raft, I loaded it with all these heavy goods, and came away.
Here people deal in ship's gear of all kinds, such as cables and sails, and here, too, are the places where oars are made, for the Phaeacians are not a nation of archers; they know nothing about bows and arrows, but are a sea-faring folk, and pride themselves on their masts, oars, and ships, with which they travel far over the sea.

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Deutsch Englisch
Baum {m} [elektr.] (Kabelbaum) harness (of cables)
Abspannseile {pl} (Stahlseile) anchor cables
Baum {m} [elektr.] (Kabelbaum) loom (of cables) [esp. Br.]
Tauwerk {n} [naut.] cables
Kabel {pl} [tech.] (Drahtseile, Züge) cables
Wellen {pl} [tech.] (als Kabel) cables
Armatur (f. Kabel u. Schläuche) {f} armoring (f. cables a. hoses)
Kabel dürfen nicht gequetscht oder geknickt werden cables must not get pinched or kinked
Kabel {pl} (Energie-, Informationskabel) cables
Abspannseile {pl} (Stahlseile) guy cables