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Berechnung {f}Femininum (die) [math.] calculation
Kalkül {n}Neutrum (das) calculation
Kalkulation {f}Femininum (die) calculation
Rechnung {f}Femininum (die) [math.] (Berechnung) calculation
Rechnung {f}Femininum (die) [math.] (Berechnung) calculation
Berechnung {f}Femininum (die) (Abschätzung, Einschätzung [von Entfernungen,Werten, einer Wirkung etc.]) calculation
Berechnungsbeispiel {n}Neutrum (das) calculation example
Gehaltsabrechnung {f}Femininum (die) calculation of salaries
Preisermittlung {f}Femininum (die) calculation of prices
Rechenmethode {f}Femininum (die) calculation method
Rechenvorschrift {f}Femininum (die) calculation specification
Zinsrechnung {f}Femininum (die) calculation of interest
Rentenberechnung {f}Femininum (die) calculation of pensions
Berechnung nach DIN {f}Femininum (die) calculation according to DIN
Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechnung {f}Femininum (die) [math.] calculation of probabilities
Kalkulationsprogramm {n}Neutrum (das) [EDV] calculation program
Kalkulationssoftware {f}Femininum (die) [EDV] calculation software
Kalkulationspunkt {m}Maskulinum (der) (einer Skisprungschanze) [Sport] calculation point
Tabellenpunkt {m}Maskulinum (der) (einer Skisprungschanze) [Sport] calculation point
Rechenmodell {n}Neutrum (das) calculation model
Berechnungsmethode {f}Femininum (die) [math.] calculation method
Kalkulationsmodell {n}Neutrum (das) calculation model


According to a careful calculation I have made, and which I partly base upon Captain Scoresby’s estimate, of seventy tons for the largest sized Greenland whale of sixty feet in length; according to my careful calculation, I say, a Sperm Whale of the largest magnitude, between eighty-five and ninety feet in length, and something less than forty feet in its fullest circumference, such a whale will weigh at least ninety tons; so that, reckoning thirteen men to a ton, he would considerably outweigh the combined population of a whole village of one thousand one hundred inhabitants.
The myopic digital calculation of coins, eructation consequent upon repletion.
It was not calculation that guided her (she did not even for a moment consider what she should do), but all this had long been familiar to her, and now that Anatole had appeared it just grouped itself around him and she wished and tried to please him as much as possible.
Not only on that day, as he rode over the battlefield strewn with men killed and maimed (by his will as he believed), did he reckon as he looked at them how many Russians there were for each Frenchman and, deceiving himself, find reason for rejoicing in the calculation that there were five Russians for every Frenchman.
Pierre heard it plainly, but at that moment he remembered that he had not yet finished reckoning up how many stages still remained to Smolénsk—a calculation he had begun before the marshal went by.
(Greek) is the 'base' on which the whole calculation depends, or the 'lowest term' from which it can be worked out.
Yes, I said, and in these perplexities the soul naturally summons to her aid calculation and intelligence, that she may see whether the several objects announced to her are one or two.
And all arithmetic and calculation have to do with number?
And have you further observed, that those who have a natural talent for calculation are generally quick at every other kind of knowledge; and even the dull, if they have had an arithmetical training, although they may derive no other advantage from it, always become much quicker than they would otherwise have been.
Yes, I said, but for that purpose a very little of either geometry or calculation will be enough; the question relates rather to the greater and more advanced part of geometry—whether that tends in any degree to make more easy the vision of the idea of good; and thither, as I was saying, all things tend which compel the soul to turn her gaze towards that place, where is the full perfection of being, which she ought, by all means, to behold.

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