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Blechbüchsen {pl}Plural (die) (für Konserven etc]) cans {s} [esp. Am.]
Büchsen {pl}Plural (die) (Blechdosen für Getränke, Konserven etc.) cans {s} [esp. Am.]
Titten {pl}Plural (die) [sl.] (weibliche Brüste) cans {s} [vulg.]
Quarktaschen {pl}Plural (die) [sl.] (weibliche Brüste) cans {s} [vulg.]
Kopfhörer {pl}Plural (die) cans [Can.] [coll.]
Kohle {f}Femininum (die) [ugs.] (Geld) cans {s} [Br.] [sl.]
Knete {f}Femininum (die) [sl.] (Geld) cans {s} [Br.] [sl.]
Dosen {pl}Plural (die) (aus Blech [für Getränke, Konserven etc.]) cans {s} [esp. Am.]
Kanister {pl}Plural (die) cans
Kannen {pl}Plural (die) (rel. klein; für Milch, Öl etc.) cans
Flammrohre {pl}Plural (die) [tech.] (Brennkammern) cans
Dosen {pl}Plural (die) (Spraydosen) cans
Kannen {pl}Plural (die) (größer [Gieß-, Ölkannen etc.]) cans
Büchsen {pl}Plural (die) (für Konserven etc.) cans {s} [esp. Am.]
Blechdosen {pl}Plural (die) (für Getränke, Konserven etc.) cans {s} [esp. Am.]
Konservendosen {pl}Plural (die) cans {s} [esp. Am.]
Konservenbüchsen {pl}Plural (die) cans {s} [esp. Am.]
Konserven {pl}Plural (die) (Konservendosen) cans {s} [esp. Am.]
Eimer {pl}Plural (die) (Abfalleimer) cans {s} [Am.]
Hintern {pl}Plural (die) [ugs.] cans {s} [Am.] [sl.]
Scheißhäuser {pl}Plural (die) [derb, vulg.] (Toiletten) cans {s} [Am.] [sl.]
Scheisshäuser {pl}Plural (die) [schweiz. Orthogr.] [derb, vulg.] (Toiletten) cans {s} [Am.] [sl.]
Zerstörer {pl}Plural (die) [mar.] (Kriegsschiffe) cans {s} [Am.] [sl.]
Massen {pl}Plural (die) [sl.] (Brüste und Hintern [einer Frau]) cans {s} [Am.] [sl.]
Knäste {pl}Plural (die) [ugs.] (Gefängnisse) cans {s} [Am.] [coll.]


He thought of the hobbling wretches whom he had seen carrying cans and bottles to be filled by the barman.
Be rather the Mungo Park, the Lewis and Clark and Frobisher, of your own streams and oceans; explore your own higher latitudes—with shiploads of preserved meats to support you, if they be necessary; and pile the empty cans sky-high for a sign.

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