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Autoklau {m}Maskulinum (der) [ugs.] car theft
CAR-Algebra {f}Femininum (die) [math.] CAR algebra
Plattform {f}Femininum (die) [mot.] (technische Basis, auf der äußerlich verschiedene Automodelle aufbauen) car platform

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In this car of triumph, not even the Doctor’s entreaties could prevent his being carried to his home on men’s shoulders, with a confused sea of red caps heaving about him, and casting up to sight from the stormy deep such wrecks of faces, that he more than once misdoubted his mind being in confusion, and that he was in the tumbril on his way to the Guillotine.
Trams: a car of Prescott’s dyeworks: a widow in her weeds.
Pullman car and saloon diningroom.
—F to P is the route Skin-the-Goat drove the car for an alibi, Inchicore, Roundtown, Windy Arbour, Palmerston Park, Ranelagh.
The solemnity of the occupants of the car seemed to Father Conmee excessive for a journey so short and cheap.
The conductor pulled the bellstrap to stay the car for her.
At the Dolphin they halted to allow the ambulance car to gallop past them for Jervis street.
Bloom and Chris Callinan were on one side of the car and I was with the wife on the other.
Every jolt the bloody car gave I had her bumping up against me.
Outside the Dublin Distillers Company’s stores an outside car without fare or jarvey stood, the reins knotted to the wheel.

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