Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: change of government

Regierungswechsel {m}Maskulinum (der)
Wachablösung {f}Femininum (die) [fig., pol.] (Regierungswechsel)


OF THE OFFICE OF THE SOVERAIGN REPRESENTATIVE The Procuration Of The Good Of The People By Instruction & Lawes Against The Duty Of A Soveraign To Relinquish Any Essentiall Right Objection Of Those That Say There Are No Principles Of Reason For Objection From The Incapacity Of The Vulgar Subjects Are To Be Taught, Not To Affect Change Of Government Nor Adhere (Against The Soveraign) To Popular Men And To Have Dayes Set Apart To Learn Their Duty And To Honour Their Parents And To Avoyd Doing Of Injury: And To Do All This Sincerely From The Heart The Use Of Universities Equall Taxes Publique Charity Prevention Of Idlenesse Good Lawes What Such As Are Necessary Such As Are Perspicuous Punishments Rewards Counsellours Commanders CHAPTER XXXI.
Subjects Are To Be Taught, Not To Affect Change Of Government And (to descend to particulars) the People are to be taught, First, that they ought not to be in love with any forme of Government they see in their neighbour Nations, more than with their own, nor (whatsoever present prosperity they behold in Nations that are otherwise governed than they,) to desire change.
The change of government in the time of the English Commonwealth set men thinking about first principles, and gave rise to many works of this class...The great original genius of Swift owes nothing to Plato; nor is there any trace in the conversation or in the works of Dr. Johnson of any acquaintance with his writings.

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Change-Management {n} [EDV] change management {s}, CM
Minimal-Change-Glomerulonephritis {f}, MCGN {f}, MCG {f} [med.] minimal change disease , MCD
Local Government Area {n}. LGA {n} [geogr., pol.] (kommunale Gebietskörperschaft als dritte und zugleich unterste Ebene der behördlichen Verwaltung in Australien; entspricht in etwa einem Landkreis) Local Government Area , LGA
Colt Government {f} {m} ® (= Colt M1911 / M1911 A1 [eine Selbstlade-Pistole im Kaliber .45 ACP; Ordonnanzwaffe der US-Streitkräfte von 1911 - 1985]) Colt Government ®
Dateiwechsel {m} [EDV] file change
sowjetische Regierung {f} [hist.] Soviet government
Umbuchung {f} eines Flugs change in booking
Änderungsfeld {n} (im Schriftfeld einer Zeichnung) change column (in title block of a drawing)
grundlegender Wandel {m} sea change [fig.]
Staatsregierung {f} state government