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Sternmiere (Stellaria holostea) chickweed
Vogelmiere (Stellaria media) chickweed
Vogelmiere {f}Femininum (die) chickweed
Siebenstern {m}Maskulinum (der) [bot.] chickweed wintergreen (Trientalis europaea)


One day he came up to the office, all in a hurry, and had a private interview with the magistrate, who, after a deal of talk, rings the bell, and orders Jem Spyers in (Jem was a active officer), and tells him to go and assist Mr. Chickweed in apprehending the man as robbed his house.
He was smoking his pipe here, late at night, when all of a sudden Chickweed roars out, "Here he is!
and Chickweed himself keeps on shouting, all the time, like mad.
At last, he couldn't help shutting 'em, to ease 'em a minute; and the very moment he did so, he hears Chickweed a-roaring out, "Here he is!"
Off he starts once more, with Chickweed half-way down the street ahead of him; and after twice as long a run as the yesterday's one, the man's lost again!
This was done, once or twice more, till one-half the neighbours gave out that Mr. Chickweed had been robbed by the devil, who was playing tricks with him arterwards; and the other half, that poor Mr. Chickweed had gone mad with grief.'

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