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Auswahl {f}Femininum (die) choice
Entscheidung {f}Femininum (die) [pol.] (Wahlentscheidung) choice
Sortiment {n}Neutrum (das) choice
Wahl {f}Femininum (die) (zur Auswahl stehende Sache oder Person) choice
Wahlmöglichkeit {f}Femininum (die) choice
Wahl {f}Femininum (die) (das Auswählen) choice
Wahl {f}Femininum (die) (ausgewählte Sache oder Person) choice
Auslese {f}Femininum (die) choice
Alternative {f}Femininum (die) choice
schön {adj.} (erlesen, vorzüglich [Wein, Essen etc.]) choice
Qualitätswein {m}Maskulinum (der) choice wine
Schulangebot {n}Neutrum (das) choice of schools
Wortwahl {f}Femininum (die) choice of words
Partnerwahl {f}Femininum (die) choice of partner
Partnerwahl {f}Femininum (die) [zool.] choice of mate
Berufswahl {f}Femininum (die) choice of career
Bücherauswahl {f}Femininum (die) choice of books
Neurosenwahl {f}Femininum (die) [psych.] choice of neurosis
erlesene Qualität {f}Femininum (die) choice quality
erste Qualität {f}Femininum (die) choice quality
ausgesuchte Qualität {f}Femininum (die) choice quality
Wahl des Ziels (ein sowjetischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1975) Choice of Purpose


Mr. Bingley intended it likewise, and sometimes made choice of his county; but as he was now provided with a good house and the liberty of a manor, it was doubtful to many of those who best knew the easiness of his temper, whether he might not spend the remainder of his days at Netherfield, and leave the next generation to purchase.
“But if he returns no more this winter, my choice will never be required.
“Mr. Collins appears to be very fortunate in his choice of a wife.”
His choice is disinterested at least, for he must know my father can give her nothing.
Urged thus far, I had no choice but to adapt my nature to an element which I had willingly chosen.
He might kill me, but death now seemed the happier choice of evils.
Had it but been for myself the choice had been easy, the maw of the wolf were better to rest in than the grave of the Vampire!
So I make my choice to go on with my work.
Eventually, though, Gregor realised that he had no choice as he saw, to his disgust, that he was quite incapable of going backwards in a straight line; so he began, as quickly as possible and with frequent anxious glances at his father, to turn himself round.
Now, this was not something that she would be able to do by herself; she did not dare to ask for help from her father; the sixteen year old maid had carried on bravely since the cook had left but she certainly would not have helped in this, she had even asked to be allowed to keep the kitchen locked at all times and never to have to open the door unless it was especially important; so his sister had no choice but to choose some time when Gregor's father was not there and fetch his mother to help her.

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