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Deutsch Englisch
einkehrend coming
kommend coming
Kommen {n}Neutrum (das) coming
anreisend (ankommend) coming
antreffend coming across
bevorstehend coming to come
entstehend coming into being
herankommend coming near
heraufkommend coming up
herauskommend coming out
herbeieilend coming running
hereinkommend coming in
herkommend coming here
herrührend coming from
herschreibend coming from
herüber kommend coming over
herunterkommend coming down
hinzukommend coming along
Machtübernahme {f}Femininum (die) coming into power
Regierungsantritt {m}Maskulinum (der) coming into power
Vergangenheitsbewältigung {f}Femininum (die) coming to terms with the past
zu Stande kommend coming off
zukommend coming up to
zurückkommend coming back

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The former was divided between admiration of the brilliancy which exercise had given to her complexion, and doubt as to the occasion’s justifying her coming so far alone.
Elizabeth, for the sake of saying something that might turn her mother’s thoughts, now asked her if Charlotte Lucas had been at Longbourn since her coming away.
The two girls had been whispering to each other during the whole visit, and the result of it was, that the youngest should tax Mr. Bingley with having promised on his first coming into the country to give a ball at Netherfield.
“You used us abominably ill,” answered Mrs. Hurst, “running away without telling us that you were coming out.”
His coming into the country at all is a most insolent thing, indeed, and I wonder how he could presume to do it.
But before I am run away with by my feelings on this subject, perhaps it would be advisable for me to state my reasons for marrying—and, moreover, for coming into Hertfordshire with the design of selecting a wife, as I certainly did.”
The whole party have left Netherfield by this time, and are on their way to town—and without any intention of coming back again.
The younger girls formed hopes of coming out a year or two sooner than they might otherwise have done; and the boys were relieved from their apprehension of Charlotte’s dying an old maid.
Risk anything rather than her displeasure; and if you find it likely to be raised by your coming to us again, which I should think exceedingly probable, stay quietly at home, and be satisfied that we shall take no offence.”
Day after day passed away without bringing any other tidings of him than the report which shortly prevailed in Meryton of his coming no more to Netherfield the whole winter; a report which highly incensed Mrs. Bennet, and which she never failed to contradict as a most scandalous falsehood.

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