Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: competent

fachkundig (fähig)
tüchtig (fühig, sachkundig)
sicher (fähig, gekonnt)
zulässig [jur.]
befähigt {adj.}
befugt {adj.}
beschlußfähig [alte Orthogr.]
sachlich zuständig
fachlich zuständig
qualifiziert (sachkundig)
geschäftsfähig [jur.]
standfest [bautech.] (Baustoff)
kompetent [geok.] (tektonisch verformbar)
(tektonisch) verformbar [geok.]
zustehend [bes. jur.]
gehörend [bes. jur.]
tüchtig {adj.} (fähig)


You are younger; yet I do not suppose, possessed as you are of a competent fortune, that an early marriage would at all interfere with any future plans of honour and utility that you may have formed.
It is a matter of great astonishment that the consideration of the habits of so interesting, and, in a commercial point of view, so important an animal (as the Sperm Whale) should have been so entirely neglected, or should have excited so little curiosity among the numerous, and many of them competent observers, that of late years, must have possessed the most abundant and the most convenient opportunities of witnessing their habitudes.”
And so it turned out; Mr. Hosea Hussey being from home, but leaving Mrs. Hussey entirely competent to attend to all his affairs.
But the Pequod was only making a passage now; not regularly cruising; nearly all whaling preparatives needing supervision the mates were fully competent to, so that there was little or nothing, out of himself, to employ or excite Ahab, now; and thus chase away, for that one interval, the clouds that layer upon layer were piled upon his brow, as ever all clouds choose the loftiest peaks to pile themselves upon.
Or, if for any reason thought to be corporeally incapacitated for that, yet such an one would seem superlatively competent to cheer and howl on his underlings to the attack.
To which it is easily answered, that our Saviour himself appeared to him in the way to Damascus, from Heaven, after his Ascension; "and chose him for a vessell to bear his name before the Gentiles, and Kings, and Children of Israel;" and consequently (having seen the Lord after his passion) was a competent Witnesse of his Resurrection: And as for Barnabas, he was a Disciple before the Passion.
And for the danger that may arise to Religion, by the Subjects tolerating of an Heathen, or an Erring Prince, it is a point, of which a Subject is no competent Judge; or if hee bee, the Popes Temporall Subjects may judge also of the Popes Doctrine.
Suppression Of Reason With the Introduction of False, we may joyn also the suppression of True Philosophy, by such men, as neither by lawfull authority, nor sufficient study, are competent Judges of the truth.
Let therefore the truth be first examined by competent Judges, or confuted by them that pretend to know the contrary.
I believe in that myself because it has been explained by competent men as the convolutions of the grey matter.

Weitere Wörter

Deutsch Englisch
sachkundig competent
sachverständig competent
geschäftsfähig [jur.] competent
kompetente Sekretärin {f} competent secretary
zuständig competent
zulässig [jur.] competent
standfest [bautech.] (Baustoff) competent
fähige Sekretärin {f} competent secretary
fachkundig (fähig) competent
befähigt {adj.} competent