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Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: conscience-stricken

Deutsch Englisch
reuig conscience-stricken
schuldbewusst conscience-stricken
von Gewissensbissen gepeinigt conscience-stricken
schuldbewußt [alte Orthogr.] conscience-stricken
reuevoll conscience-stricken
von Gewissensbissen gequält conscience-stricken


— Since her last conversation with Mrs. Weston and Mr. Knightley, she was more conscience-stricken about Jane Fairfax than she had often been.
"The judgment of God is on me," answered the conscience-stricken priest.
Not one of those ponderous, conscience-stricken herding-animals (who undertake to advocate the cause of egoism as conducive to the general welfare) wants to have any knowledge or inkling of the facts that the "general welfare" is no ideal, no goal, no notion that can be at all grasped, but is only a nostrum,—that what is fair to one MAY NOT at all be fair to another, that the requirement of one morality for all is really a detriment to higher men, in short, that there is a DISTINCTION OF RANK between man and man, and consequently between morality and morality.
Anna had heard nothing of this act, and she felt conscience-stricken at having been able so readily to forget what was to him of such importance.
CHAPTER VI—ILL AND CONSCIENCE-STRICKEN When I came down to the ship I found it strangely removed.

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