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Bewusstsein {n}Neutrum (das) consciousness
Sichbewusstsein {n}Neutrum (das) consciousness (of)
Wissen {n}Neutrum (das) (um / von) (Bewusstsein) consciousness (of)
Empfinden {n}Neutrum (das) (Bewusstsein) consciousness
Denken {n}Neutrum (das) (Bewusstsein) consciousness
Gesamtbewusstsein {n}Neutrum (das) consciousness
Ichbewusstsein {n}Neutrum (das) consciousness of self
Bewusstseinsbildung {f}Femininum (die) consciousness raising


She was perfectly sensible that he never had; but she wished to see whether he would betray any consciousness of what had passed between the Bingleys and Jane, and she thought he looked a little confused as he answered that he had never been so fortunate as to meet Miss Bennet.
He had been some days in town, before he was able to discover them; but he had something to direct his search, which was more than we had; and the consciousness of this was another reason for his resolving to follow us.
With this deep consciousness of what they owed towards the being to which they had given life, added to the active spirit of tenderness that animated both, it may be imagined that while during every hour of my infant life I received a lesson of patience, of charity, and of self-control, I was so guided by a silken cord that all seemed but one train of enjoyment to me.
I felt as if I had committed some great crime, the consciousness of which haunted me.
As time passed away I became more calm; misery had her dwelling in my heart, but I no longer talked in the same incoherent manner of my own crimes; sufficient for me was the consciousness of them.
Too little, if he could not invent a cause of quarrel which would give him the sympathy of the jury; too much, if he evolved from his own inner consciousness anything so outré as a dying reference to a rat, and the incident of the vanishing cloth.
Since you ask me, however, I may say that it has occurred to me as possible that the excitement of this affair, the consciousness that she had made so immense a social stride, had the effect of causing some little nervous disturbance in my wife.”
The time did not seem long, but very, very awful, till I recovered consciousness again.
I told him briefly, and added that we expected he would recover consciousness after the operation—for a short time, at all events.
He seemed dazed for a few seconds, and then full consciousness seemed to burst upon him all at once, and he started up.

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