Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: contribution

Beitrag {m}Maskulinum (der)
Spende {f}Femininum (die)
Gabe {f}Femininum (die) (Spende)


And as in the time of the Apostles, so also all the time downward, till after Constantine the Great, we shall find, that the maintenance of the Bishops, and Pastors of the Christian Church, was nothing but the voluntary contribution of them that had embraced their Doctrine.
Seeing therefore such contribution is every where, as a thing inevitable, (notwithstanding it be an assistance to the Enemy,) esteemed lawfull; as totall Submission, which is but an assistance to the Enemy, cannot be esteemed unlawfull.
That was your contribution to literature.
This gratuitous contribution of a humorous character occasioned a fair amount of laughter among his entourage.
I drew a sketch of the plan and rules that would be necessary, and got a skilful conveyancer, Mr. Charles Brockden, to put the whole in form of articles of agreement to be subscribed, by which each subscriber engag'd to pay a certain sum down for the first purchase of books, and an annual contribution for increasing them.
Yet 'the half' may be an important contribution to the study of human nature.
But you have, Socrates, said Glaucon: and you, Thrasymachus, need be under no anxiety about money, for we will all make a contribution for Socrates.
He had the air of congratulating himself on having brought such a woman to Highbury, as not even Miss Woodhouse could equal; and the greater part of her new acquaintance, disposed to commend, or not in the habit of judging, following the lead of Miss Bates’s good-will, or taking it for granted that the bride must be as clever and as agreeable as she professed herself, were very well satisfied; so that Mrs. Elton’s praise passed from one mouth to another as it ought to do, unimpeded by Miss Woodhouse, who readily continued her first contribution and talked with a good grace of her being “very pleasant and very elegantly dressed.”
The nervous language of the Common Law, [585] the impressive forms of our courts, and the precision and substantial truth of the legal distinctions, are the contribution of all the sharp-sighted, strong-minded men who have lived in the countries where these laws govern.
Under date of October 30, 1841, he wrote: "On this wonderful day when heaven and earth seem to glow with magnificence, and all the wealth of all the elements is put under contribution to make the world fine, as if Nature would indulge her offspring, it seemed ungrateful to hide in the house.

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Deutsch Englisch
Rentenbeitrag {m} pension contribution
Kabelzubringerleitung {f} [elektr.] cable contribution circuit
Krankenkassenbeitrag {m} contribution to one's health insurance scheme
Beitragssatz {m} overall contribution rate
Sozialabgabenquote {f} social security contribution ratio
Deckungsbeitrag {m} (Wirtschaft) contribution margin
Rentenversicherungsbeitrag {m} pension contribution
Finanzierungsbeitrag {m} financial contribution
Krankenkassenbeitrag {m} contribution to a / the health insurance scheme
Deckungsbeitrag {m} contribution margin