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Kosten {pl}Plural (die) costs
kostet {v} (beträgt preislich) costs
Preise {pl}Plural (die) costs
(finanzielle ] Last {f}Femininum (die) costs
Aufwendungen {pl}Plural (die) [fin.] costs
Herstellungskosten {pl}Plural (die) costs of manufacturing
Ingangsetzungskosten {pl}Plural (die) costs of starting up
Kostenplan {m}Maskulinum (der) [fin.] costs projection


That all this might not be too onerous on the purses of his rustic patrons, who are apt to consider the costs of schooling a grievous burden, and schoolmasters as mere drones, he had various ways of rendering himself both useful and agreeable.
They had been good times and they had never come again, at least not with the same splendour, even though Gregor had later earned so much that he was in a position to bear the costs of the whole family, and did bear them.
In translating "The Prince" my aim has been to achieve at all costs an exact literal rendering of the original, rather than a fluent paraphrase adapted to the modern notions of style and expression.
There are wealthy gentlemen in England who drive four-horse passenger-coaches twenty or thirty miles on a daily line, in the summer, because the privilege costs them considerable money; but if they were offered wages for the service, that would turn it into work and then they would resign.
He lays aside the lapboard whereon he drafts his bills of costs for the eyes of master Goff and master Shapland Tandy, filing consents and common searches and a writ of Duces Tecum.
Leave him under an obligation: costs nothing.
As I was saying, Pip, it were my intentions to have had it cut over him; but poetry costs money, cut it how you will, small or large, and it were not done.
Enclosed in the letter was a receipt for the debt and costs on which I had been arrested.
What I've learned from you is how much a basket of fish costs and how much interests may be charged on loaned money.
At all costs we must hold our ground where we are.”

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