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cremefarben cream-coloured {adj.} [esp. Br.]
crèmefarben cream-coloured {adj.} [esp. Br.]
cremefarbig cream-coloured {adj.} [esp. Br.]
crèmefarbig cream-coloured {adj.} [esp. Br.]
creme cream-coloured {adj.} [esp. Br.]
crème cream-coloured {adj.} [esp. Br.]
Rennvogel {m}Maskulinum (der) cream-coloured courser (Br.)British English (Cursorius cursor)
Blasses Riesenhörnchen {n}Neutrum (das) [zool.] cream-coloured giant squirrel [Br.] (Ratufa affinis)


It was, in its way, a very charming room, with its high panelled wainscoting of olive-stained oak, its cream-coloured frieze and ceiling of raised plasterwork, and its brickdust felt carpet strewn with silk, long-fringed Persian rugs.
In the dim arrested light that struggled through the cream-coloured silk blinds, the face appeared to him to be a little changed.

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