Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: credentials

Beglaubigungsschreiben {n}Neutrum (das)
Berechtigungsnachweis {m}Maskulinum (der)
Bescheinigung {f}Femininum (die)
Empfehlungsschreiben {n}Neutrum (das)
Legitimation {f}Femininum (die)
Zeugnis {n}Neutrum (das)


The bird complained to the dog of this bare-faced robbery, but nothing he said was of any avail, for the dog answered that he found false credentials on the sausage, and that was the reason his life had been forfeited.
But as these pig-fish are a noisy, contemptible set, mostly lurking in the mouths of rivers, and feeding on wet hay, and especially as they do not spout, I deny their credentials as whales; and have presented them with their passports to quit the Kingdom of Cetology.
Ere entering upon the subject of Fossil Whales, I present my credentials as a geologist, by stating that in my miscellaneous time I have been a stone-mason, and also a great digger of ditches, canals and wells, wine-vaults, cellars, and cisterns of all sorts.
And then, number one, you came up against the man in possession and had to produce your credentials like the claimant in the Tichborne case, Roger Charles Tichborne, Bella was the boat’s name to the best of his recollection he, the heir, went down in as the evidence went to show and there was a tattoo mark too in Indian ink, lord Bellew was it, as he might very easily have picked up the details from some pal on board ship and then, when got up to tally with the description given, introduce himself with: Excuse me, my name is So and So or some such commonplace remark.
Chapter XLIX P utting Miss Havisham’s note in my pocket, that it might serve as my credentials for so soon reappearing at Satis House, in case her waywardness should lead her to express any surprise at seeing me, I went down again by the coach next day.
At the ominous word “liberality,” Scrooge frowned, and shook his head, and handed the credentials back.
“Indeed, that doubtless would have happened if his credentials had not been so favorable.”
His excellency, having mounted on the small of my right leg, advanced forwards up to my face, with about a dozen of his retinue; and producing his credentials under the signet royal, which he applied close to my eyes, spoke about ten minutes without any signs of anger, but with a kind of determinate resolution, often pointing forwards, which, as I afterwards found, was towards the capital city, about half a mile distant; whither it was agreed by his majesty in council that I must be conveyed.

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Deutsch Englisch
Beglaubigungsschreiben {n} credentials
Berechtigungsnachweis {m} credentials
Bescheinigung {f} credentials
Bewerbungsunterlagen {pl} application credentials
Empfehlungsschreiben {n} credentials
Legitimation {f} credentials
Zeugnis {n} credentials