Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: cups

Körbchen {pl}Plural (die) (BH-Körbchen)
Tassen {pl}Plural (die)
Schalen {pl}Plural (die) (BH-Schalen)
Cups {pl}Plural (die) (BH-Körbchen)
Becher {pl}Plural (die) (für Desserts, Speiseeis etc.)
Schalen {pl}Plural (die) (Tassen)
Schalen {pl}Plural (die) (becher- oder kelchförmige Gebilde)
Noppen {pl}Plural (die) [seltener] (Saugnäpfe)
Näpfe {pl}Plural (die) (Saugnäpfe)
Näpfe {pl}Plural (die) [bot.]


Early as it was, on the windy March morning, the room in which he lay abed was already scrubbed throughout; and between the cups and saucers arranged for breakfast, and the lumbering deal table, a very clean white cloth was spread.
However, on the third night the soldier carried away one of the golden cups as a token of where he had been.
We were fain to button up our monkey jackets, and hold to our lips cups of scalding tea with our half frozen fingers.
And what sort of lively lads with the pencil those Chinese are, many queer cups and saucers inform us.
The invariable moisture of my hair, while plunged in deep thought, after six cups of hot tea in my thin shingled attic, of an August noon; this seems an additional argument for the above supposition.
Huck found a spring of clear cold water close by, and the boys made cups of broad oak or hickory leaves, and felt that water, sweetened with such a wildwood charm as that, would be a good enough substitute for coffee.
Victorious saw, when the seat he came near to, Gold-treasure sparkling spread on the bottom, Wonder on the wall, and the worm-creature’s cavern, The ancient dawn-flier’s, vessels a-standing, 10 Cups of the ancients of cleansers bereavèd, Robbed of their ornaments: there were helmets in numbers, Old and rust-eaten, arm-bracelets many, Artfully woven.
In cups of rocks it slops: flop, slop, slap: bounded in barrels.
About that present time young Stephen filled all cups that stood empty so as there remained but little mo if the prudenter had not shadowed their approach from him that still plied it very busily who, praying for the intentions of the sovereign pontiff, he gave them for a pledge the vicar of Christ which also as he said is vicar of Bray.
But the braggart boaster cried that an old Nobodaddy was in his cups it was muchwhat indifferent and he would not lag behind his lead.

Weitere Wörter

Deutsch Englisch
Büstenhalter-Cups {pl} brassière cups
BH-Cups {pl} bra cups
durchsichtige Cups {pl} (BH) sheer cups
BH {m} mit offenen Cups open cup bra
Cups {pl} (BH-Körbchen) cups
BH {m} mit transparenten Cups sheer cup bra
nahtlose Cups {pl} (BH) seamless cups
BH {m} mit durchsichtigen Cups sheer cup bra
transparente Cups {pl} (BH) sheer cups
Silikon-BH-Cups {pl} silicone bra cups