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Diktat {n}Neutrum (das) (Befehl) dictate
Gebot {n}Neutrum (das) dictate
Befehl {m}Maskulinum (der) dictate


Do not suppose, however, that I wish to dictate happiness to you or that a delay on your part would cause me any serious uneasiness.
But it is your happiness I desire as well as my own when I declare to you that our marriage would render me eternally miserable unless it were the dictate of your own free choice.
Liberty What By LIBERTY, is understood, according to the proper signification of the word, the absence of externall Impediments: which Impediments, may oft take away part of a mans power to do what hee would; but cannot hinder him from using the power left him, according as his judgement, and reason shall dictate to him.
For Justice, that is to say, Performance of Covenant, and giving to every man his own, is a Dictate of the Law of Nature.
And it is a Dictate of Naturall Reason, and consequently an evident Law of Nature, that no man ought to weaken that power, the protection whereof he hath himself demanded, or wittingly received against others.
Sixthly, in Prayers, Thanksgivings, Offerings and Sacrifices, it is a Dictate of naturall Reason, that they be every one in his kind the best, and most significant of Honour.
The goodness of your heart, I feel sure, will dictate to you better than my inadequate words the expressions which are most suitable to convey an emotion whose poignancy, were I to give vent to my feelings, would deprive me even of speech.
I don’t mean to presume to dictate to you in the slightest degree but why did you leave your father’s house?
—Couldn’t, Stephen contrived to get out, his mental organs for the moment refusing to dictate further.
Now it is for me to dictate terms."

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