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Deutsch Englisch
entfernt disconnected
getrennt {adj.} [elektr. etc.] (ohne Verbindung) disconnected
unzusammenhängend disconnected
abgetrennt {adj.} (ohne Verbindung) disconnected
abgekuppelt {adj.} (Schlauch etc.) disconnected
unterbrochen {adv.} [elektr. etc.] (Verbindung) disconnected
losgelöst {adj.} (ohne Verbindung) disconnected
ausgekuppelt {adj.} [tech.] disconnected
entkuppelt {adj.} [tech.] disconnected


To me this vast ivory-ribbed chest, with the long, unrelieved spine, extending far away from it in a straight line, not a little resembled the hull of a great ship new-laid upon the stocks, when only some twenty of her naked bow-ribs are inserted, and the keel is otherwise, for the time, but a long, disconnected timber.
At last we disconnected ourselves, rose, and laved each other with cold water, more as a restorative than as a purification.
Berg and Véra could not repress their smiles of satisfaction at the sight of all this movement in their drawing room, at the sound of the disconnected talk, the rustling of dresses, and the bowing and scraping.
But to arrive at these laws, resulting from the sum of all those human wills, man’s mind postulates arbitrary and disconnected units.
But however small the units it takes, we feel that to take any unit disconnected from others, or to assume a beginning of any phenomenon, or to say that the will of many men is expressed by the actions of any one historic personage, is in itself false.
To the beekeeper’s tap on the wall of the sick hive, instead of the former instant unanimous humming of tens of thousands of bees with their abdomens threateningly compressed, and producing by the rapid vibration of their wings an aerial living sound, the only reply is a disconnected buzzing from different parts of the deserted hive.
The conversation was cold and disconnected and continually broke off.
If the will of every man were free, that is, if each man could act as he pleased, all history would be a series of disconnected incidents.
His changes of mood did not offend me, because I saw that I had nothing to do with their alternation; the ebb and flow depended on causes quite disconnected with me.
Holmes sat in silence in the cab as we drove back to Baker Street, and I knew from his drawn brows and keen face that his mind, like my own, was busy in endeavouring to frame some scheme into which all these strange and apparently disconnected episodes could be fitted.

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