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Hardly knowing what she did, she picked up a little bit of stick, and held it out to the puppy; whereupon the puppy jumped into the air off all its feet at once, with a yelp of delight, and rushed at the stick, and made believe to worry it; then Alice dodged behind a great thistle, to keep herself from being run over; and the moment she appeared on the other side, the puppy made another rush at the stick, and tumbled head over heels in its hurry to get hold of it; then Alice, thinking it was very like having a game of play with a cart-horse, and expecting every moment to be trampled under its feet, ran round the thistle again; then the puppy began a series of short charges at the stick, running a very little way forwards each time and a long way back, and barking hoarsely all the while, till at last it sat down a good way off, panting, with its tongue hanging out of its mouth, and its great eyes half shut.
He tried more than once to break away from the dangerous company which he was keeping, but each time the influence of his friend, Sir George Burnwell, was enough to draw him back again.
Twice my boy has asked her to marry him, for he loves her devotedly, but each time she has refused him.
Fortunately, each time I awoke in time and managed to undress her without waking her, and got her back to bed.
In the morning the soldier said nothing about what had happened, but determined to see more of this strange adventure, and went again the second and third night; and every thing happened just as before; the princesses danced each time till their shoes were worn to pieces, and then returned home.
Besides, each time that one loves is the only time one has ever loved.
I seized her below the waist with a hand upon each hip, pressing her magnificent backside against me each time that I thrust forward.
My darling husband waited on me himself at breakfast, stimulating me to eat freely as a means of restoring my lost strength; which he very soon put to the test again, for he fucked me three times during the day, and each time he gave me greater pleasure than before.
I doubt if I could have held out but for the relief I found in dear Mary's embraces, who, each time we could manage to meet, became more and more attractive, and more capable of giving and receiving pleasure.
She came again three times in the next six nights; each time we renewed our mutual joys, with ever increasing voluptuous indulgencies.

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Party-Time [lit.] Party Time [lit.] (Harold Pinter)
Old-Time Music {f} [musik.] old-time music
> Time ({m}) (männlicher Vorname) > Time
Killing Time [lit.] Close Enough to Kill [lit.] (Beverly Barton)
Full-Time-Job {m} full-time job
Time Magazine {n} ® (ein US-amerikanisches Nachrichtenmagazin) Time Magazine ®
Time Warp {m} (ein Mode-Tanz) time warp
Time Tunnel (eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie) The Time Tunnel
Time to die - stirb noch mal [lit.] A Time to Die [lit.] (Beverly Barton)
Time Trax – Zurück in die Zukunft (eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie) Time Trax