Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: eager for the fray



I shut her mouth with my kisses and tongue, and soon the active movements I was making within her charming vagina exercised their usual influence on her lubricity, so as to make her as eager for the fray as myself.
She at once complied, being now as eager for the fray as myself.

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Deutsch Englisch
Raufhandel {m} [veraltend] fray
Gschaftlhuber {m} [südd., österr.] eager beaver [esp. Br.] [coll.]
wissensdurstiger Schüler {m} eager student [esp. Am.]
emsiger Arbeiter {m} eager worker
erwartungsvoller Ausdruck {m} eager look
kampfeslustig eager to fight
bildungshungriger Student {m} eager student
kampfeslustig eager for the fray
allzu eifrig overly eager
eifrig eager