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baldig early
früh early
zeitig early
Anfangsphase {f}Femininum (die) early stage
Anfangsstadium {n}Neutrum (das) early stage
die ersten Hochrechnungen haben ergeben early indications point to
Frühaufsteher {m}Maskulinum (der) early riser
Frühaufsteher {m}Maskulinum (der) early bird [fig.]
Frühausfall {m}Maskulinum (der) early failure
Frühbucher {m}Maskulinum (der) early booker
Früherkennung einer Krankheit early detection of a disease
Früherkennung {f}Femininum (die) early diagnosis
Früherziehung {f}Femininum (die) early education
Frühgemüse {n}Neutrum (das) early vegetables
Frühherbst {m}Maskulinum (der) early fall (Am.)American English
Frühherbst {m}Maskulinum (der) early autumn
Frühholz {n}Neutrum (das) early wood
Frühlieferung {f}Femininum (die) early delivery
frühmorgens early in the morning
Frühphase {f}Femininum (die) early phase
Frühschicht {f}Femininum (die) early shift
Frühsommer {m}Maskulinum (der) early summer
Frühsteinzeug {n}Neutrum (das) early stoneware

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That she should have walked three miles so early in the day, in such dirty weather, and by herself, was almost incredible to Mrs. Hurst and Miss Bingley; and Elizabeth was convinced that they held her in contempt for it.
This she would not hear of; but she was not so unwilling to comply with their brother’s proposal; and it was settled that Mr. Jones should be sent for early in the morning, if Miss Bennet were not decidedly better.
Chapter 9 Elizabeth passed the chief of the night in her sister’s room, and in the morning had the pleasure of being able to send a tolerable answer to the inquiries which she very early received from Mr. Bingley by a housemaid, and some time afterwards from the two elegant ladies who waited on his sisters.
Lydia was a stout, well-grown girl of fifteen, with a fine complexion and good-humoured countenance; a favourite with her mother, whose affection had brought her into public at an early age.
After amusing himself some time with their curiosity, he thus explained: “About a month ago I received this letter; and about a fortnight ago I answered it, for I thought it a case of some delicacy, and requiring early attention.
The subjection in which his father had brought him up had given him originally great humility of manner; but it was now a good deal counteracted by the self-conceit of a weak head, living in retirement, and the consequential feelings of early and unexpected prosperity.
Had the late Mr. Darcy liked me less, his son might have borne with me better; but his father’s uncommon attachment to me irritated him, I believe, very early in life.
Resignation to inevitable evils is the duty of us all; the peculiar duty of a young man who has been so fortunate as I have been in early preferment; and I trust I am resigned.
As he was to begin his journey too early on the morrow to see any of the family, the ceremony of leave-taking was performed when the ladies moved for the night; and Mrs. Bennet, with great politeness and cordiality, said how happy they should be to see him at Longbourn again, whenever his engagements might allow him to visit them.
Jane had sent Caroline an early answer to her letter, and was counting the days till she might reasonably hope to hear again.

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