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ausdrückend enunciating
verkündend enunciating


Gregor answered to both sides: "I'm ready, now", making an effort to remove all the strangeness from his voice by enunciating very carefully and putting long pauses between each, individual word.
He replied, gazing to the very bottom of Thénardier’s eyes the while, and enunciating every syllable distinctly:— “You are go-ing to take back Co-sette?”
I do not pretend that the most unlimited use of the freedom of enunciating all possible opinions would put an end to the evils of religious or philosophical sectarianism.
If the conciseness and generality of Baron Humboldt's dissertation had not obliged him in this instance to content himself with enunciating his conclusion without discussing the premises, he would doubtless have recognised that the question cannot be decided on grounds so simple as those to which he confines himself.

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