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Einrichtung {f}Femininum (die) facility
Gelegenheit {f}Femininum (die) facility
Leichtigkeit {f}Femininum (die) facility
Möglichkeit {f}Femininum (die) facility
Sportstätte {f}Femininum (die) (sports) facility
Anlage {f}Femininum (die) (Einrichtung [Betriebs-, Versuchsanlage etc.]) facility
Anlage {f}Femininum (die) (Sportstätte) facility
Dienstreise {f}Femininum (die) (eines Politikers) facility trip
Kreditvertrag {m}Maskulinum (der) [fin.] facility agreement
Facility-Management {n}, FM {n}Neutrum (das) facility management {s}, FM
Facilitymanagement {n}, FM {n}Neutrum (das) facility management {s}, FM


I believe it to be an intuitive discernment, a quick but never-failing power of judgment, a penetration into the causes of things, unequalled for clearness and precision; add to this a facility of expression and a voice whose varied intonations are soul-subduing music.
I do not mean that any beggar in the streets of London could earn £700 a year—which is less than my average takings—but I had exceptional advantages in my power of making up, and also in a facility of repartee, which improved by practice and made me quite a recognised character in the City.
The owner gave him a paper telling the Captain to give him every facility in doing whatever he chose on board the ship, and also a similar authorisation to his agent at Varna.
Huckleberry was filled with admiration of Tom’s facility in writing, and the sublimity of his language.
OF OTHER LAWES OF NATURE The Third Law Of Nature, Justice Justice And Injustice What Justice Not Contrary To Reason Covenants Not Discharged By The Vice Of The Person To Whom Made Justice Of Men, And Justice Of Actions What Justice Of Manners, And Justice Of Actions Nothing Done To A Man, By His Own Consent Can Be Injury Justice Commutative, And Distributive The Fourth Law Of Nature, Gratitude The Fifth, Mutuall accommodation, or Compleasance The Sixth, Facility To Pardon The Seventh, That In Revenges, Men Respect Onely The Future Good The Eighth, Against Contumely The Ninth, Against Pride The Tenth Against Arrogance The Eleventh Equity The Twelfth, Equall Use Of Things Common The Thirteenth, Of Lot The Fourteenth, Of Primogeniture, And First Seising The Fifteenth, Of Mediators The Sixteenth, Of Submission To Arbitrement The Seventeenth, No Man Is His Own Judge The Eighteenth, No Man To Be Judge, That Has In Him Cause Of Partiality The Nineteenth, Of Witnesse A Rule, By Which The Laws Of Nature May Easily Be Examined The Lawes Of Nature Oblige In Conscience Alwayes, The Laws Of Nature Are Eternal; And Yet Easie The Science Of These Lawes, Is The True Morall Philosophy CHAPTER XVI.
The Sixth, Facility To Pardon A sixth Law of Nature is this, "That upon caution of the Future time, a man ought to pardon the offences past of them that repenting, desire it."
One has so much better a spring from one's feet than from one's knees, besides, the man is brought more face to face, and there is more facility for mutual embracings; but both ways have their charm.
But I determined, when she came to bed, to rap at the door and beg her to open it, and I had no doubt she would be as delighted as myself to find with what facility she could indulge to the utmost every libidinous passion which her lascivious nature could suggest.
The happy discovery of your excellences, and the perfect facility my change of room has given for meeting without the slightest chance of discovery, has for the present driven that idea out of my head.
I speak thus frankly to you, my dear boy, because I have found you of a rare facility in giving and receiving erotic pleasures, and of a temperament worthy of the descent from the same stock as your aunt.

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