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Fakten {pl}Plural (die) facts
Tatsachen {pl}Plural (die) facts
Wirklichkeit {f}Femininum (die) (Tatsachen) facts
Dichtung und Wahrheit facts and fiction
Tatbestand {m}Maskulinum (der) facts of the case


Natural philosophy is the genius that has regulated my fate; I desire, therefore, in this narration, to state those facts which led to my predilection for that science.
I opened it with apathy; the theory which he attempts to demonstrate and the wonderful facts which he relates soon changed this feeling into enthusiasm.
They had left to us, as an easier task, to give new names and arrange in connected classifications the facts which they in a great degree had been the instruments of bringing to light.
"No one did at first; but several circumstances came out, that have almost forced conviction upon us; and her own behaviour has been so confused, as to add to the evidence of facts a weight that, I fear, leaves no hope for doubt.
Several strange facts combined against her, which might have staggered anyone who had not such proof of her innocence as I had.
But I do not pretend that my protestations should acquit me; I rest my innocence on a plain and simple explanation of the facts which have been adduced against me, and I hope the character I have always borne will incline my judges to a favourable interpretation where any circumstance appears doubtful or suspicious."
Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.
“The facts are briefly these: Some five years ago, during a lengthy visit to Warsaw, I made the acquaintance of the well-known adventuress, Irene Adler.
In the present instance I am forced to admit that the facts are, to the best of my belief, unique.”
“Beyond the obvious facts that he has at some time done manual labour, that he takes snuff, that he is a Freemason, that he has been in China, and that he has done a considerable amount of writing lately, I can deduce nothing else.”

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