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Deutsch Englisch
Falschheit {f}Femininum (die) falsehood
Unwahrheit {f}Femininum (die) falsehood


I know not in what manner, under what form of falsehood he had imposed on you; but his success is not perhaps to be wondered at.
of all his sister’s falsehood and contrivance!
Elizabeth was forced to give into a little falsehood here; for to acknowledge the substance of their conversation was impossible.
He bore with philosophy the conviction that Elizabeth must now become acquainted with whatever of his ingratitude and falsehood had before been unknown to her; and in spite of every thing, was not wholly without hope that Darcy might yet be prevailed on to make his fortune.
I confessed, that I might obtain absolution; but now that falsehood lies heavier at my heart than all my other sins.
Victor, when falsehood can look so like the truth, who can assure themselves of certain happiness?
This unhappy secret must be disclosed; they must have a complete understanding between them, which is impossible with all this concealment and falsehood going on.
Heorot then inside Was filled with friendly ones; falsehood and treachery The Folk-Scyldings now nowise did practise.
and where did you hear such a falsehood as that?
“Understand, my dear fellow, that outside this union all is filled with deceit and falsehood and I agree with you that nothing is left for an intelligent and good man but to live out his life, like you, merely trying not to harm others.

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