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Bauern {pl}Plural (die) (Landwirte) farmers
Farmer {pl}Plural (die) farmers
Landwirte {pl}Plural (die) farmers
Landwirtinnen {pl}Plural (die) (female) farmers
Bäuerinnen {pl}Plural (die) (Landwirtinnen) (female) farmers
Farmerinnen {pl}Plural (die) (female) farmers
Bauernfrühstück {n}Neutrum (das) farmers breakfast
Farmers Branch ({n}) [geogr.] (Stadt in Texas, USA) Farmers Branch
Bauern von Flagey bei der Rückkehr vom Markt [Kunst] (ein Gemälde von Gustave Courbet aus dem Jahr 1850) Farmers of Flagey on the Return From the Market


The revenue arising from his school was small, and would have been scarcely sufficient to furnish him with daily bread, for he was a huge feeder, and, though lank, had the dilating powers of an anaconda; but to help out his maintenance, he was, according to country custom in those parts, boarded and lodged at the houses of the farmers whose children he instructed.
He assisted the farmers occasionally in the lighter labors of their farms, helped to make hay, mended the fences, took the horses to water, drove the cows from pasture, and cut wood for the winter fire.
His stronghold was situated on the banks of the Hudson, in one of those green, sheltered, fertile nooks in which the Dutch farmers are so fond of nestling.
The old farmers gathered together their families in their wagons, and were heard for some time rattling along the hollow roads, and over the distant hills.
Dr. Van Helsing is laconic; he tells the farmers that he is hurrying to Bistritz, and pays them well to make the exchange of horses.
He had set up and printed off two little jobs for farmers in that printing-office—horse bills—and took the money, four dollars.
And the place was plum full of farmers and farmers’ wives, to dinner; and such another clack a body never heard.
They cussed Jim considerble, though, and give him a cuff or two side the head once in a while, but Jim never said nothing, and he never let on to know me, and they took him to the same cabin, and put his own clothes on him, and chained him again, and not to no bed-leg this time, but to a big staple drove into the bottom log, and chained his hands, too, and both legs, and said he warn’t to have nothing but bread and water to eat after this till his owner come, or he was sold at auction because he didn’t come in a certain length of time, and filled up our hole, and said a couple of farmers with guns must stand watch around about the cabin every night, and a bulldog tied to the door in the daytime; and about this time they was through with the job and was tapering off with a kind of generl good-bye cussing, and then the old doctor comes and takes a look, and says: “Don’t be no rougher on him than you’re obleeged to, because he ain’t a bad nigger.
Those farmers are always grumbling.
These libraries have improved the general conversation of the Americans, made the common tradesmen and farmers as intelligent as most gentlemen from other countries, and perhaps have contributed in some degree to the stand so generally made throughout the colonies in defense of their privileges.

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