Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: fluid

fließend (Stil)
Flüssigkeit {f}Femininum (die)
Gas {n}Neutrum (das)
flüssig (Schmierstoff etc.)
flüssig [fig.] (Aussprache, Stil etc.)
Wasser {n}Neutrum (das) [physiol., med., ugs.] (klare Körperflüssigkeit [Lymphe, Liquor cerebrospinalise etc.])
Wasser {n}Neutrum (das) (wässrige Flüssigkeit [Lötwasser etc.])


- but the lack of teeth was, of course, made up for with a very strong jaw; using the jaw, he really was able to start the key turning, ignoring the fact that he must have been causing some kind of damage as a brown fluid came from his mouth, flowed over the key and dripped onto the floor.
But the fine and delicate fluid extracted from his jaws is exceedingly valuable.
Be cool at the equator; keep thy blood fluid at the Pole.
He burns, too, the purest of oil, in its unmanufactured, and, therefore, unvitiated state; a fluid unknown to solar, lunar, or astral contrivances ashore.
Now, as the lightning rod to a spire on shore is intended to carry off the perilous fluid into the soil; so the kindred rod which at sea some ships carry to each mast, is intended to conduct it into the water.
He drank indeed at one draught to pluck up a heart of any grace for it thundered long rumblingly over all the heavens so that Master Madden, being godly certain whiles, knocked him on his ribs upon that crack of doom and Master Bloom, at the braggart’s side, spoke to him calming words to slumber his great fear, advertising how it was no other thing but a hubbub noise that he heard, the discharge of fluid from the thunderhead, look you, having taken place, and all of the order of a natural phenomenon.
Every phase of the situation was successively eviscerated: the prenatal repugnance of uterine brothers, the Caesarean section, posthumity with respect to the father and, that rarer form, with respect to the mother, the fratricidal case known as the Childs Murder and rendered memorable by the impassioned plea of Mr Advocate Bushe which secured the acquittal of the wrongfully accused, the rights of primogeniture and king’s bounty touching twins and triplets, miscarriages and infanticides, simulated or dissimulated, the acardiac foetus in foetu and aprosopia due to a congestion, the agnathia of certain chinless Chinamen (cited by Mr Candidate Mulligan) in consequence of defective reunion of the maxillary knobs along the medial line so that (as he said) one ear could hear what the other spoke, the benefits of anesthesia or twilight sleep, the prolongation of labour pains in advanced gravidancy by reason of pressure on the vein, the premature relentment of the amniotic fluid (as exemplified in the actual case) with consequent peril of sepsis to the matrix, artificial insemination by means of syringes, involution of the womb consequent upon the menopause, the problem of the perpetration of the species in the case of females impregnated by delinquent rape, that distressing manner of delivery called by the Brandenburghers Sturzgeburt, the recorded instances of multiseminal, twikindled and monstrous births conceived during the catamenic period or of consanguineous parents—in a word all the cases of human nativity which Aristotle has classified in his masterpiece with chromolithographic illustrations.
Eventually, however, both their eyes met and as soon as it began to dawn on him that the other was endeavouring to help himself to the thing he involuntarily determined to help him himself and so he accordingly took hold of the neck of the mediumsized glass recipient which contained the fluid sought after and made a capacious hole in it by pouring a lot of it out with, also at the same time, however, a considerable degree of attentiveness in order not to upset any of the beer that was in it about the place.
BLOOM: (In babylinen and pelisse, bigheaded, with a caul of dark hair, fixes big eyes on her fluid slip and counts its bronze buckles with a chubby finger, his moist tongue lolling and lisping.)
Blue fluid again flows over her flesh.

Weitere Wörter

Deutsch Englisch
magnetorheologisches Fluid {n}, MRF {n} MR fluid
magnetorheologisches Fluid {n}, MRF {n} magnetorheological fluid, MRF
Kühlschmierstoff {m} [Zerspanungstechnik] metal-working fluid
Fließbett-Strahlmühle {f} fluid-bed jet mill
Zellsaft {m} [biol.] cell fluid
katalytischer Wirbelschichtreaktor {m} [chem., tech.] fluid-bed catalytic reactor
Wirbelschichttechnik {f} [tech.] fluid bed technology
Wirbelschichtvergaser {m} [tech.] fluid bed gasifier , FBG
fließend (Stil) fluid
Wirbelschichttrocknen {n} [tech.] fluid-bed drying