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gab auf forsook
verließ forsook


This was before they turned to enterprises on land, but when they began to fight on land they forsook this virtue and followed the custom of Italy.
Here a poor prisoner, forsook by the world and friends, fretted his sorrowful life.
The boys’ breath forsook them.
Four times he had his hands on that rich treasure and four times it wasted to nothingness in his fingers as sleep forsook him and wakefulness brought back the hard reality of his misfortune.
As soon as the King began to speak loud and fast his royal dignity instantly forsook him, and without noticing it he passed into his natural tone of good-natured familiarity.
That is his power over you as long as he remains in England, and that would be his reckless course if you forsook him.”
Fair Venus' neck, her eyes that sparkled fire, And breast, reveal'd the queen of soft desire.123 [pg 063] Struck with her presence, straight the lively red Forsook her cheek; and trembling, thus she said: "Then is it still thy pleasure to deceive?
There long the chief his happy lot possess'd, With two brave sons and one fair daughter bless'd; [pg 115] (Fair e'en in heavenly eyes: her fruitful love Crown'd with Sarpedon's birth the embrace of Jove;) But when at last, distracted in his mind, Forsook by heaven, forsaking humankind, Wide o'er the Aleian field he chose to stray, A long, forlorn, uncomfortable way!
Even he whose trident sways the watery reign Heard the loud summons, and forsook the main, Assumed his throne amid the bright abodes, And question'd thus the sire of men and gods: "What moves the god who heaven and earth commands, And grasps the thunder in his awful hands, [pg 361] Thus to convene the whole ethereal state?
What boots thee now, that Troy forsook the plain?

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