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Geflügel {n}Neutrum (das) fowl
Huhn {n}Neutrum (das) [zool.] (Haus-, Perlhuhn etc.) fowl
Hühnerkrankheit {f}Femininum (die) [vet.] fowl disease
Hühnererkrankung {f}Femininum (die) [vet.] fowl disease
Geflügelcholera {f}Femininum (die) [vet.] fowl cholera
Geflügelpest {f}Femininum (die) [vet.] fowl pest


I am somewhat of a fowl fancier, and I have seldom seen a better grown goose.”
And when he came into the palace, the flies were sleeping on the walls; the spit was standing still; the butler had the jug of ale at his lips, going to drink a draught; the maid sat with a fowl in her lap ready to be plucked; and the cook in the kitchen was still holding up her hand, as if she was going to beat the boy.
Then she said: ‘Well, Gretel, enjoy yourself, one fowl has been cut into, take another drink, and eat it up entirely; when it is eaten you will have some peace, why should God’s good gifts be spoilt?’
And as for going as cook,—though I confess there is considerable glory in that, a cook being a sort of officer on ship-board—yet, somehow, I never fancied broiling fowls;—though once broiled, judiciously buttered, and judgmatically salted and peppered, there is no one who will speak more respectfully, not to say reverentially, of a broiled fowl than I will.
Whisper it not, and I will tell; with a treacherous hook and line, as the fowl floated on the sea.
But I doubt not, that leathern tally, meant for man, was taken off in Heaven, when the white fowl flew to join the wing-folding, the invoking, and adoring cherubim!
In fact, placed before the strict and piercing truth, this whole story will fare like that fish, flesh, and fowl idol of the Philistines, Dagon by name; who being planted before the ark of Israel, his horse’s head and both the palms of his hands fell off from him, and only the stump or fishy part of him remained.
“Then hail, for ever hail, O sea, in whose eternal tossings the wild fowl finds his only rest.
But these were broken again by the light toes of hundreds of gay fowl softly feathering the sea, alternate with their fitful flight; and like to some flag-staff rising from the painted hull of an argosy, the tall but shattered pole of a recent lance projected from the white whale’s back; and at intervals one of the cloud of soft-toed fowls hovering, and to and fro skimming like a canopy over the fish, silently perched and rocked on this pole, the long tail feathers streaming like pennons.
Honoured sir i beg to offer my services in the abovementioned painful case i hanged Joe Gann in Bootle jail on the 12 of Febuary 1900 and i hanged... —Show us, Joe, says I. —... private Arthur Chace for fowl murder of Jessie Tilsit in Pentonville prison and i was assistant when... —Jesus, says I. —... Billington executed the awful murderer Toad Smith... The citizen made a grab at the letter.

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