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Deutsch Englisch
umhertreibend gadding
umherziehend gadding about


He encircled his gadding hair with a coronal of vineleaves, smiling at Vincent.
‘Zillah is constantly gadding off to Gimmerton since papa went: it’s miserable!
But you’re not going to begin gadding about to concerts and staying out all hours of the night.
“She’s gadding off somewhere with Diana, writing stories or practicing dialogues or some such tomfoolery, and never thinking once about the time or her duties.
She will say that she can’t encourage gadding about.
Matthew was in the seventh heaven of gratified pride over the honor conferred on his Anne and Marilla was not far behind, although she would have died rather than admit it, and said she didn’t think it was very proper for a lot of young folks to be gadding over to the hotel without any responsible person with them.
"No harm has been done," said Sancho; "come, we will leave you at your father's house; perhaps they will not have missed you; and another time don't be so childish or eager to see the world; for a respectable damsel should have a broken leg and keep at home; and the woman and the hen by gadding about are soon lost; and she who is eager to see is also eager to be seen; I say no more."
My mother was only buried on Saturday, and here you are gadding about with the fellow."

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