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Brille {f}Femininum (die) (Schutz-, Sport-, Taucherbrille) goggles
Schutzbrille {f}Femininum (die) goggles


Her sister, Miss Watson, a tolerable slim old maid, with goggles on, had just come to live with her, and took a set at me now with a spelling-book.
He whispered then near Stephen’s ear: LENEHAN’S LIMERICK There’s a ponderous pundit MacHugh Who wears goggles of ebony hue.
The sailor lugged out from a case he had a pair of greenish goggles which he very slowly hooked over his nose and both ears.
—Why, answered the seafarer with the tartan beard, who seemingly was a bit of a literary cove in his own small way, staring out of seagreen portholes as you might well describe them as, I uses goggles reading.

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