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Mina looked at him appealingly as she asked:— “But why need we seek him further, when he is gone away from us?”
Van Helsing has gone away to prepare for the meeting, and his painful part of it.
One of his neighbours, who did not seem to bear him any affection, said that he had gone away two days before, no one knew whither.
I shot out and went for the doctor’s house, but they told me he’d gone away in the night some time or other, and warn’t back yet.
The bear would have liked to go at once, but the wolf held him back by the sleeve, and said: ‘No, you must wait until the lord and lady Queen have gone away again.’
"You should have gone away when I asked you," he muttered.
We were to have gone away together this morning at dawn.
All the Moscow notabilities, all the Rostóvs’ acquaintances, were at the Razumóvskis’ chapel, for, as if expecting something to happen, many wealthy families who usually left town for their country estates had not gone away that summer.
“There now, the gentry and merchants have gone away and left us to perish.
The posts left vacant by Bagratión, who had been killed, and by Barclay, who had gone away in dudgeon, had to be filled.

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