Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: greedily

gierig {adv.}
habgierig {adv.}
habsüchtig {adv.}
gefräßig {adv.}
gefrässig [schweiz. Orthogr.] {adv.}


In what desert land have you lived, where no one was kind enough to inform you that these fancies which you have so greedily imbibed are a thousand years old and as musty as they are ancient?
I greedily devoured the remnants of the shepherd's breakfast, which consisted of bread, cheese, milk, and wine; the latter, however, I did not like.
he thought, and was already sucking greedily at the cheese which had immediately, almost compellingly, attracted him much more than the other foods on the newspaper.
They leisurely walk round the carriage and leisurely mount the box, to look at what little luggage it carries on the roof; the country-people hanging about, press nearer to the coach doors and greedily stare in; a little child, carried by its mother, has its short arm held out for it, that it may touch the wife of an aristocrat who has gone to the Guillotine.
(She puts the potato greedily into a pocket then links his arm, cuddling him with supple warmth.
When her back was turned, I opened my eyes, and greedily devoured her naked charms as they were gradually exhibited before me.
She wriggled her bottom nervously below me, I continued to greedily lick her moist and juicy cunt.
Nothing was lost, we both greedily swallowed all we could get.
I greedily devoured it, and raised her to such a frenzy of lewdness that she dragged me up and cried, frantically— "For God's sake fuck me—fuck me!"
But, in doing so, I slid off downwards, and before she could prevent me, I glued my lips to the open pouters below me, and greedily devoured all her delicious discharge, and did not desist until I had so licked her clitoris as to make her spend most copiously again.

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Deutsch Englisch
gierig {adv.} greedily
habgierig {adv.} greedily
habsüchtig {adv.} greedily
gefräßig {adv.} greedily
gefrässig [schweiz. Orthogr.] {adv.} greedily