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Möwe {f}Femininum (die) [zool.] gull


Ship and boat diverged; the cold, damp night breeze blew between; a screaming gull flew overhead; the two hulls wildly rolled; we gave three heavy-hearted cheers, and blindly plunged like fate into the lone Atlantic.
The hungry famished gull Flaps o’er the waters dull.
The dreamy cloudy gull Waves o’er the waters dull.
A new purchase at some monster sale for which a gull has been mulcted.
Where dreamy creamy gull waves o’er the waters dull.
One great gray bird, a gull or curlew, soared aloft in the blue heaven.
To behold such devices, which are nothing else than the savage and daring inventions of the galleys, spring forth from the peaceable things which surrounded him, and mingle with what he called the “petty course of life in the convent,” caused Fauchelevent as much amazement as a gull fishing in the gutter of the Rue Saint-Denis would inspire in a passer-by.
As Dantès (his eyes turned in the direction of the Château d’If) uttered this prayer, he saw off the farther point of the Island of Pomègue a small vessel with lateen sail skimming the sea like a gull in search of prey; and with his sailor’s eye he knew it to be a Genoese tartan.
I'll gull him supernaturally.
Why, 'tis a gull a fool a rogue, that now and then goes to the wars to grace himself, at his return into London, under the form of a soldier.

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