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angekleidet habited


As I put my foot over the threshold, I became aware of the figure of a youth about my own height, and habited in a white kerseymere morning frock, cut in the novel fashion of the one I myself wore at the moment.
Enter the KING, and others, as maskers, habited like shepherds, usher'd by the LORD CHAMBERLAIN.
The palace Enter TRUMPETS, sounding; then two ALDERMEN, LORD MAYOR, GARTER, CRANMER, DUKE OF NORFOLK, with his marshal's staff, DUKE OF SUFFOLK, two Noblemen bearing great standing-bowls for the christening gifts; then four Noblemen bearing a canopy, under which the DUCHESS OF NORFOLK, godmother, bearing the CHILD richly habited in a mantle, etc., train borne by a LADY; then follows the MARCHIONESS DORSET, the other godmother, and LADIES.
Or is it Dian, habited like her, Who hath abandoned her holy groves To see the general hunting in this forest?
She shall be habited as it becomes The partner of your bed.
They marched in procession thus habited and heard a very pathetic sermon, followed by fine church music.
Madame L’Espanaye and her daughter, habited in their night clothes, had apparently been occupied in arranging some papers in the iron chest already mentioned, which had been wheeled into the middle of the room.

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