Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzungen für das Wort: hairs

Haare {pl}Plural (die) [anat., zool.]
Haare {pl}Plural (die) [bot.] (Pflanzenhaare)


He appeared about fifty years of age, but with an aspect expressive of the greatest benevolence; a few grey hairs covered his temples, but those at the back of his head were nearly black.
One was old, with silver hairs and a countenance beaming with benevolence and love; the younger was slight and graceful in his figure, and his features were moulded with the finest symmetry, yet his eyes and attitude expressed the utmost sadness and despondency.
Cursed, cursed be the fiend that brought misery on his grey hairs and doomed him to waste in wretchedness!
Strange to say, there were hairs in the centre of the palm.
It was in a sort of fury, with its eyes savage, and all its hairs bristling out like a cat’s tail when puss is on the war-path.
There wasn’t much people about that day, and close at hand was only one man, a tall, thin chap, with a ’ook nose and a pointed beard, with a few white hairs runnin’ through it.
Oh, God, let these poor white hairs go in evidence of what he has suffered, who all his life has done no wrong, and on whom so many sorrows have come.”
“Trouble has done it, Bilgewater, trouble has done it; trouble has brung these gray hairs and this premature balditude.
*This reminds us that the Right Whale really has a sort of whisker, or rather a moustache, consisting of a few scattered white hairs on the upper part of the outer end of the lower jaw.
With these grey hairs of mine ’tis not worth while disputing, ’specially with a superior, who’ll ne’er confess.”

Weitere Wörter

Deutsch Englisch
Körperhaare {pl} bodily hairs
das ist ein Streit um des Kaisers Bart that's just splitting hairs
Nackenhärchen {pl} (tiny) neck hairs
Der Teufel mit den drei goldenen Haaren [lit.] (ein Märchen der Brüder Grimm) The Devil With the Three Golden Hairs [lit.]
Haarspalterei treiben [fig., pej.] to split hairs [fig.]
Rückenhaare {pl} (mehrere Haare) back hairs
graue Haare {pl} (mehrere Haare) gray hairs [Am.]
das ist Haarspalterei [fig., pej.] that's splitting hairs
Nackenhärchen {pl} little neck hairs
Haare {pl} [bot.] (Pflanzenhaare) hairs