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hat has
worden has
... ist für nächste Woche vorgesehen has been slated for next week
bin nicht has not
fiebert has a temperature
frühstückt has breakfast
geworden has been (with past particicple)
hat anzubieten has to offer
Hat sie Fieber? Has she a temperature?
ist als ... erkannt worden has been recognized as ...
ist nachgewiesen worden has been demonstrated (proven, shown)
ist nicht has not
plaudert has a chat
vespert has a snack
Hat jemand meine Braut gesehen? (ein US-amerikanischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 1952) Has Anybody Seen My Gal?
Mei Hos' ist in Heidelberg geblieben (ein deutscher Sexfilm aus dem Jahr 1975) Has Anybody Seen My Pants? [Am.]
Oh Schreck mei Hos' is weg (ein deutscher Sexfilm aus dem Jahr 1975) Has Anybody Seen My Pants? [Am.]


“But it is,” returned she; “for Mrs. Long has just been here, and she told me all about it.”
“Do you not want to know who has taken it?”
When a woman has five grown-up daughters, she ought to give over thinking of her own beauty.”
“In such cases, a woman has not often much beauty to think of.”
“They have none of them much to recommend them,” replied he; “they are all silly and ignorant like other girls; but Lizzy has something more of quickness than her sisters.”
She has two nieces of her own.
“Kitty has no discretion in her coughs,” said her father; “she times them ill.”
If I may so express it, he has a right to be proud.”
She has known him only a fortnight.
She danced four dances with him at Meryton; she saw him one morning at his own house, and has since dined with him in company four times.

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