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habe having
habend having
nachdem having
ausweinend having a good cry
Da wir schon eine Zahlungserinnerung geschickt haben Having already sent one reminder
dahintergesteckt having been behind it
fehlerbehaftet having errors
freihabend having a holiday
frühstückend having breakfast
gleichberechtigt having equal rights
plaudernd having a chat
rechtsfähig having legal capacity
rechtskräftig {adj.} [jur.] having the force of law
umhabend having on
unter Berücksichtigung von having regard to
unter Einbeziehung sämtlicher Gesichtspunkte having regard to all points
vorahnend having a presentiment
werbewirksam having advertising appeal
werbewirksamere having more advertising
zurückmüssend having to return
Kinderkriegen {n}Neutrum (das) (ugs.)umgangssprachlich having children
Saunabaden {n}Neutrum (das) having a sauna
griffig (Papier, Textilien) having a good feel

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His brother-in-law, Mr. Hurst, merely looked the gentleman; but his friend Mr. Darcy soon drew the attention of the room by his fine, tall person, handsome features, noble mien, and the report which was in general circulation within five minutes after his entrance, of his having ten thousand a year.
The gentlemen pronounced him to be a fine figure of a man, the ladies declared he was much handsomer than Mr. Bingley, and he was looked at with great admiration for about half the evening, till his manners gave a disgust which turned the tide of his popularity; for he was discovered to be proud; to be above his company, and above being pleased; and not all his large estate in Derbyshire could then save him from having a most forbidding, disagreeable countenance, and being unworthy to be compared with his friend.
Amongst the most violent against him was Mrs. Bennet, whose dislike of his general behaviour was sharpened into particular resentment by his having slighted one of her daughters.
His sisters were anxious for his having an estate of his own; but, though he was now only established as a tenant, Miss Bingley was by no means unwilling to preside at his table—nor was Mrs. Hurst, who had married a man of more fashion than fortune, less disposed to consider his house as her home when it suited her.
You will be having a charming mother-in-law, indeed; and, of course, she will always be at Pemberley with you.”
They insist also on my seeing Mr. Jones—therefore do not be alarmed if you should hear of his having been to me—and, excepting a sore throat and headache, there is not much the matter with me.
The apothecary came, and having examined his patient, said, as might be supposed, that she had caught a violent cold, and that they must endeavour to get the better of it; advised her to return to bed, and promised her some draughts.
The two girls had been whispering to each other during the whole visit, and the result of it was, that the youngest should tax Mr. Bingley with having promised on his first coming into the country to give a ball at Netherfield.
Elizabeth, having rather expected to affront him, was amazed at his gallantry; but there was a mixture of sweetness and archness in her manner which made it difficult for her to affront anybody; and Darcy had never been so bewitched by any woman as he was by her.
—My mind, however, is now made up on the subject, for having received ordination at Easter, I have been so fortunate as to be distinguished by the patronage of the Right Honourable Lady Catherine de Bourgh, widow of Sir Lewis de Bourgh, whose bounty and beneficence has preferred me to the valuable rectory of this parish, where it shall be my earnest endeavour to demean myself with grateful respect towards her ladyship, and be ever ready to perform those rites and ceremonies which are instituted by the Church of England.

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