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Deutsch Englisch
finanzstark heeled
gut bei Kasse heeled
mit Absatz (Schuh) heeled
Absatzschuh {m}Maskulinum (der) heeled shoe
Schuh {m}Maskulinum (der) mit Absatz heeled shoe
Absatzschuhe {pl}Plural (die) heeled shoes


The crowd washed back sudden, and then broke all apart, and went tearing off every which way, and Buck Harkness he heeled it after them, looking tolerable cheap.
The carriage heeled over and back, their four trunks swaying.
Not stopping to look again, I wrenched the horse's head hard round to the right and in another moment the dog cart had heeled over upon the horse; the shafts smashed noisily, and I was flung sideways and fell heavily into a shallow pool of water.
At the corner turning up towards the post office a little cart, filled with boxes and furniture, and horseless, heeled over on a broken wheel.

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