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am Höchsten highly
hoch {adv.} (hochgradig) highly
äußerst skeptisch highly sceptical
brisant highly charged
brisant [auch fig.] highly explosive
hochangereichertes Uran {n}Neutrum (das) highly enriched uranium (HEU)
hochangesehen highly respected
hochbezahlt highly paid
hochempfindlich highly sensitive
hochentwickelt highly developed
hochintegrierter Baustein highly integrated circuit
hochplastisch highly plastic
hochqualifiziert highly qualified
hochsensibel highly sensitive
höchst/äußerst fraglich highly doubtful
reaktionsfreudig highly reactive
übernervös highly strung
wettbewerbsintensiver Markt highly competitive market
scharf (gewürzt) highly seasoned
viel begehrt highly sought-after
hochbedeutsam highly significant
hochglänzend ([Parkett-]Boden etc.) highly polished

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Her report was highly favourable.
One cannot wonder that so very fine a young man, with family, fortune, everything in his favour, should think highly of himself.
“The indirect boast; for you are really proud of your defects in writing, because you consider them as proceeding from a rapidity of thought and carelessness of execution, which, if not estimable, you think at least highly interesting.
As a clergyman, moreover, I feel it my duty to promote and establish the blessing of peace in all families within the reach of my influence; and on these grounds I flatter myself that my present overtures are highly commendable, and that the circumstance of my being next in the entail of Longbourn estate will be kindly overlooked on your side, and not lead you to reject the offered olive-branch.
The dinner too in its turn was highly admired; and he begged to know to which of his fair cousins the excellency of its cooking was owing.
Mr. Collins on his return highly gratified Mrs. Bennet by admiring Mrs. Phillips’s manners and politeness.
Mr. Wickham began to speak on more general topics, Meryton, the neighbourhood, the society, appearing highly pleased with all that he had yet seen, and speaking of the latter with gentle but very intelligible gallantry.
He was most highly esteemed by Mr. Darcy, a most intimate, confidential friend.
She is a handsome girl, about fifteen or sixteen, and, I understand, highly accomplished.
“Mr. Collins,” said she, “speaks highly both of Lady Catherine and her daughter; but from some particulars that he has related of her ladyship, I suspect his gratitude misleads him, and that in spite of her being his patroness, she is an arrogant, conceited woman.”

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